Horizon Towels

    Horizon Towels

    Our Horizon Towels are made to swim and sweat. For the sporty people,... 

    Are you an ocean lover? Is yoga part of your everyday life? Can't live without sports?

    We want to dive into a journey of reconnection, balance and well-being with you. And our recycled microfiber towels are just the beginning.

    Discover our must-have towels
    • Let's swim and sweat together.

      At Arpe we want to promote a conscious and respectful relationship with the planet and, most importantly, with oneself. A healthy lifestyle that positively impacts our future and helps us grow and shine.

    • We want our products to be part of your journey.

      A journey of reconnection, balance and well-being. However you need it to be. Running a marathon, meditating in the Alps or resting by the beach. This is why we have also calculated our own journey.

      Life Cycle Analysis of our Towels 
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