• At Arpe, we’re dedicated to becoming a zero-waste company, and we take that goal into account every step of the way.

  • We give plastic bottles a second chance

    Our products are manufactured with fabric made of polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles. In other words, our products are created with hundreds of recycled plastic bottles that have been melted down and reduced to create soft microfiber. Then, we take these super-thin polyester yarns to our factory and turn them into big pieces of fabric. A new blank canvas with endless possibilities.

  • We measure our carbon footprint

    At Arpe we want to be better every day, for us and for the planet. This is why we measured the carbon footprint of our star product, the microfiber towel, and of our entire company. This way, we can first reduce what we emit and then compensate for what we cannot reduce. And after years of implementing changes, we are very proud of what we have achieved and know we’re on the right path to becoming net-zero emissions.