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Yoga Mat

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The yoga mat is one of our zero waste and circular economy projects, manufactured with leftover waste from the production of other mats. A temporary item only available and possible to create when there is enough waste. The perfect ally for your new journey of consciousness and reconnection.


Out mat has no virgin EVA polymer content, but is made with more than 90% of recycled EVA material from the leftover waste of the production of other mats.

Hot stamping with our brand's name.

Recycled and printed paperband to wrap the mat, that works as simple packaging.


Yoga Mat 60x180cm

Different Uses

Our yoga mats go way beyond what their name says. They are thought for any fitness activity as well as yoga, pilates, meditation and stretching. Of super high comfort and medium grip.


Spain: 2-5 business days

European Union: 4-10 business days

International: may vary

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