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Small Bag Horizon Soft Gold

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Our tote bag is a sustainable and stylish choice for your everyday life, because producing consciously doesn’t mean sacrificing design. In fact, we know that the only way of moving forward is incorporating sustainability in all our designs. And this is how our tote bag is made.


· Soft microfiber made from post-consumer rPET bottles
· 100% polyester. Monomaterial, recycled and recyclable.
· Lightweight & compact.
· Absorbent & quick-drying.
· rPET straps digitally printed one by one.
· Comes folded in a sustainable matching packaging of a Zero Waste Bag.
· Small tote bag: 30x38cm
· Big tote bag: 50x43cm.

We create long-lasting tote bags that you use and reuse year after year. And for them to last as much as we want, we have to take care of them.

· Wash them separately the first time, always in cold or low temperatures (30ºC).
· Avoid using fabric softeners and fertilizers with bleaching agents.
· Preferably air dry them, so the texture and fibers remain intact as long as possible.
· Don’t expose them to direct sunlight.
· Store them carefully folded or hanging open for better conservation.
· But don’t overthink it… enjoy them as much as you can!

We weave sustainability into every product, in every process, in every step. And we can verify it.

· Real Sustainable Fashion by the COSH!
· Global Recycled Standard that verifies the recycled content of the products.
· Eco Passport & STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX that certifies the inks and textiles are not harmful.
· ISO 9001 that assures quality management systems.
· ISO 14001 that assures effective environmental management systems.

We are a family textile manufacturer with the factory and offices in a small town near Barcelona, Arenys de Munt. So everything happens in-house, from us to you.

· 100% handmade tote bag, produced in small batches, one by one.
· Km0 product.
· Manufactured with 100% self-produced renewable energy: we have solar panels!

What sizes are the tote bags?
We have two different sizes of tote bags: the small one 30x38cm and the big one 50x43cm.

What can I use the tote bags for?
The small tote bags are ideal as a purse or handbag for your everyday life. Of high-quality bright colors, they will be the pop of life your outfits need! The big tote bags are actually pretty big sacks. You can honestly fit way more things that you could ever think of. So as a lightweight travel bag, a big purse to go to school or work, or as the perfect bag for the beach. You name it!

Are the tote bags waterproof?
Our tote bags are made from soft microfiber, 100% polyester, so they are super absorbent and quick-drying, like our towels. They are not actually waterproof, but they can get wet and will air dry very fast. 

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