Welcome to our house!

We are proud to say that we are local manufacturers. Artisans who work in their own factory with their own people and their own processes. Everything we can do we do it in-house, so we can supervise the whole thing and assure the quality it deserves. And how do we do it?

First step: designing

It starts upstairs. The design and creative team usually have a crazy idea (or too many crazy ideas) that want to turn into reality. Colors, shapes and sizes flood their minds until they find what they were looking for.

Third step: cutting

Downstairs is where the magic happens. We get the blank canvas and mold it however we want. We cut it, laminate it, sew it and package it all in our facilities. So, we start by cutting the huge pieces of recycled fabric into the pre-established sizes. Sizes that have been carefully thought out to optimize all the materials.

  • Fourth step: sublimation

    We then move to the textile calender. We lay the paper we printed before on the platform and place the already cut fabric on top. The calender starts moving… each piece disappears under the rollers… the heat transfers the ink to the fabric... and we have a colorful and detailed print on the other side!

Last step: packaging time!

Our motto: the less and the most recycled, the better. First, we get the matching Zero Waste Bag (if the product requires it, obviously).

Then, we package it all cute using the boxes, papers, cards, and labels from our fellow printing house in the neighboring town. The results?

Try it for yourself!
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