I bet you never thought of using a microfiber towel at home. What if we change our habits?

    In this fast-paced world we live in, space and lightness are very important. This is why we create towels that meet these needs, making life easier and more sustainable. Imagine your towel dries so fast you can use it night and morning, having to wash it less, lasting longer. That’s a pretty good future investment, isn’t it?

    • Superabsorbent

    • Lightweight

    • Fast drying

    • More hygienic

    • rPET bottles

    • 76% less CO2

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    Basic Collection

    Basic Collection

    The Basic Collection is the reflection of our values and origins at... 

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    • We have been a local company since our very beginning, decades ago. Everything we can do we do it in-house, in our factory in a small town near Barcelona.

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    The minds behind it all

    Meet the bravest of all, who decided to continue the life-long family tradition while diving into the unknown world of digital printing.

    Joan & Montse Pera