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Towel Warm Taupe

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We found the best recipe of recycled microfiber to create super absorbent and long-lasting sustainable towels. High-quality towels of maximum softness and minimal impact. Lightweight and compact, ideal for home, gym and travel. 

· Soft microfiber made from post-consumer rPET bottles.
· 100% polyester. Monomaterial, recycled and recyclable.
· Lightweight & compact.
· Superabsorbent & quick-drying.
· Tested for harmful substances, appropriate for delicate skins and babies.
· Repel sand.
· 3 different sizes.
· All come with an elastic band to hang or wrap them.

We create long-lasting towels that you don’t have to change every other year. In fact, they are tested to last up to 9 years and, to do so, we have to take care of them.

· Wash them separately the first time, always in cold or low temperatures (30ºC).
· Avoid using fabric softeners and fertilizers with bleaching agents.
· Preferably air dry them, so the texture and fibers remain intact as long as possible.
· Don’t expose them to direct sunlight.
· Fold and store them carefully, in dry and fresh places, for better conservation.

But don’t overthink it… enjoy them as much as you can!

We weave sustainability into every product, in every process, in every step. And we can verify it.

· Real Sustainable Fashion by the COSH!
· Global Recycled Standard (GRS) that verifies the recycled content of the products.
· Eco Passport & STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX that certifies the inks and textiles are not harmful.
· ISO 9001 that assures quality management systems.
· ISO 14001 that assures effective environmental management systems.

We have also calculated the carbon footprint of the entire company and of our towels. If we compare it to a traditional towel, our towels reduce
· 76% of CO2
· 58% of energy
· 55% of water
· 40% of soap
· 70% of volume


We are a family textile manufacturer with the factory and offices in a small town near Barcelona, Arenys de Munt. So everything happens in-house, from us to you.

· 100% handmade towels, produced in small batches, one by one.
· Km0 product.
· Manufactured with 100% self-produced renewable energy: we have solar panels!

Are microfiber towels good for your skin?
Our towels have been tested for harmful substances for humans and babies with the OEKO-TEX certificate. In fact, they are so light and soft that do not scratch your skin, and are recommended for delicate skins (with acne, for instance).

Do the towels actually dry?
Yes. They absorb three times their weight and dry five times faster than traditional towels. The process of drying oneself, though, is different: do not rub hardly your skin, but gently press on it.

Can I dry my hair with the towels?
YES, AND PLEASE! Microfiber towels are awesome for your hair. They are super light so they feel like a feather and will absorb excess water without frizzing or breaking it. They are 100% recommended for curly hair, for example!

What size is better for my hair?
We recommend the Hair Towel size for your hair. However, if you have very long hair, the Bath Towel will work way better.

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