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Zero Waste Bags Pink & Grey

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Pack of two Zero Waste Bags, the ultimate alternative to single-use plastics, the way to say bye to waste and start consuming responsibly. They are the most stylish and sustainable reusable bags ever, because they are super cool and super recycled.

· Soft microfiber made from post-consumer rPET bottles
· 100% polyester. Monomaterial, recycled and recyclable.
· Lightweight & compact.
· Resistant & transpirable.
· Repel sand.
· Come in packs of two zero waste bags of the same size (17x24cm).

We create durable zero waste bags that can last you years and years. And, to do so, we have to take care of them. But it’s pretty easy!

· Wash them separately the first time, always in cold or low temperatures (30ºC).
· Avoid using fabric softeners and fertilizers with bleaching agents.
· Let them air dry.

Carry anything you’d like, just forget about single-use plastic bags.. and enjoy them!

We weave sustainability into every product, in every process, in every step. And we can verify it.

· Real Sustainable Fashion by the COSH!
· Global Recycled Standard that verifies the recycled content of the products.
· Eco Passport & STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX that certifies the inks and textiles are not harmful.
· ISO 9001 that assures quality management systems.
· ISO 14001 that assures effective environmental management systems.

We are a family textile manufacturer with the factory and offices in a small town near Barcelona, Arenys de Munt. So everything happens in-house, from us to you.

· 100% handmade zero waste bags, produced in small batches, one by one.
· Km0 product.
· Manufactured with 100% self-produced renewable energy: we have solar panels!

What does the pack of zero waste bags come with?
The pack of ZWB comes with two bags of the same size: 17x24cm.

What can I use the zero waste bags for?
The zero waste bags are the alternative to single-use bags and plastics. Ideal to go shopping and buy vegetables, fruits and legumes in bulk; to carry inside other bags with your essentials or most valuable items; to bring all your snacks to work or school; for your socks and underwear when you travel; for your toiletry things… infinite possibilities!

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