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Zero Waste Bags Sand Cream

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Our pack of two Zero Waste Bags is the ultimate alternative to single-use and temporary plastics. The perfect way to say bye to waste and start consuming responsibly. Reusable and multipurpose bags for a sustainability 360: twice the style, zero the waste!

· Soft microfiber made from post-consumer rPET bottles
· 100% polyester. Monomaterial, recycled and recyclable.
· Lightweight & compact.
· Resistant & transpirable.
· Repel sand.
· Come in packs of two of different sizes: Small (17x24cm) & Large (29x36cm).

We create durable zero waste bags that can last you years and years. And, to do so, we have to take care of them. But it’s pretty easy!

· Wash them separately the first time, always in cold or low temperatures (30ºC).
· Avoid using fabric softeners and fertilizers with bleaching agents.
· Let them air dry.

Carry anything you’d like, just forget about single-use plastic bags.. and enjoy them!

We weave sustainability into every product, in every process, in every step. And we can verify it.

· Real Sustainable Fashion by the COSH!
· Global Recycled Standard that verifies the recycled content of the products.
· Eco Passport & STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX that certifies the inks and textiles are not harmful.
· ISO 9001 that assures quality management systems.
· ISO 14001 that assures effective environmental management systems.

We are a family textile manufacturer with the factory and offices in a small town near Barcelona, Arenys de Munt. So everything happens in-house, from us to you.

· 100% handmade zero waste bags, produced in small batches, one by one.
· Km0 product.
· Manufactured with 100% self-produced renewable energy: we have solar panels!

What does the pack of zero waste bags come with?
The pack of ZWB comes with two bags of different sizes. A smaller one of 17x24cm and a larger one of 29x36cm.

What can I use the zero waste bags for?
The zero waste bags are the alternative to single-use bags and plastics. Ideal to go shopping and buy vegetables, fruits and legumes in bulk; to carry inside other bags with your essentials or most valuable items; to bring all your snacks to work or school; for your socks and underwear when you travel; for your toiletry things… infinite possibilities!


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