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A Tribute To (Our) Towels


At Arpe we are experts. Experts in textile manufacturing and recycled microfiber, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, this is why we knew right away that towels were our star product.

We found the best recipe of microfiber to create super absorbent and long-lasting sustainable towels. Our own Arpe towels came to life under the name of TUVAs at the beginning, designed, created and manufactured in-house.

Over the years, we never stopped making towels, but we did lose focus on our TUVAs. Until now. We couldn’t give up on our identity and values, and our sustainable microfiber towels were the true reflection of that. So we got together as a team and decided to reinvent our masterpieces and present, to the world, new Arpe towels.




Our towels are the foundation of who we are and who we want to be: maximum softness, minimal impact. The fabric is carefully chosen to make them more resistant, absorbent, quick-drying, hygienic and conscious than traditional towels. Fabric that reminds us of silk and velvet, of comfort and elegance, treated with love and care by our amazing team of artisans and experts. Fabric that becomes a high-quality towel for a next level bathing ceremony.



As Douglas Adams wrote, “you can wrap a towel around you for warmth… you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches… you can sleep under it beneath the stars… you can use it to sail down the river… and, of course, you can dry yourself off with it if.”

You can turn what may seem like a simple fabric into the most precious and elegant towel ever. And that’s what we did. We didn’t settle for casual, but we decided to go for special. And today we are celebrating that, we are celebrating Arpe, we are celebrating towels. Today is a tribute to our towels.



Bathing is an intimate moment. To feel your deepest inner self, to dive into your thoughts, to disconnect from all the bustle, to enjoy your own skin, to calmly take care of you. 

Bathing is a complete sensorial experience, and drying shouldn’t be different. We indulge in the ultimate comfort and turn your bathing routine into the most exquisite ceremony.

Handmade elegance for your new bathing routine.