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Switch to Arpe towels and save up to 55% water


Climate crisis and drought are a reality around the world, especially in regions with irregular rainfall like Catalonia (where we live). In fact, we are already in the emergency phase, with water restrictions and limitations in certain aspects. And we, as humans and consumers, can do our part. Any step and change, however small it may seem, will help.

One way to significantly reduce your water use is to change your towels for our sustainable microfiber towels made with rPET post-consumer bottles. Ours, compared to cotton towels, take up 70% less space and save up to 55% water when washing. Recycled, recyclable, lightweight, compact and quick-drying.

In collaboration with Inèdit and Leitat, we analyzed the life cycle of our towels according to ISO 14040-44: 2006. And the results were revealing. Compared to a traditional cotton towel, our Arpe towel emits 76% less CO2 into the atmosphere during the production process. In addition, it consumes 58% less energy, 40% less soap, and, what interests us, 55% less water when washing it.

This is mainly due to its lightness and compactness. An Arpe towel takes up 70% less space than a cotton one. Thus, while a standard-size washing machine fits approximately 10 cotton towels, you could wash up to 38 Arpe towels at the same time. This reduces the number of washing cycles required, further reducing water and energy consumption (and helping you save money on your water and electricity bills!).


A great example of the water savings of our towels is the DiR gym's successful case. These gyms offer a towel to every person who comes in, washing and using thousands every day. Thus, in 2013 they decided to switch to Arpe microfiber towels (with their own designs), and they have never looked back.