• Are you looking for products that help to reduce your impact on the environment? Then, start by purchasing sustainable staples.

    Our sustainable microfiber towels are designed to mitigate the negative effects of our consumption and activity on the planet. All our towels are eco-designed according to circular economy principles and produced using 100% renewable energy at our factory in Arenys de Munt, Barcelona.

Support sustainability with Arpe's microfiber towels

The importance of analysing the life cycle of Arpe towels

We could not eco-design our microfibre towels without first analysing their life cycle.

This allows us, on the one hand, to calculate the carbon footprint of our activity and towels throughout their useful life. And, on the other, to work on the phases that can be improved to reduce their impact on the environment or at least offset it. 

The goal: to make our day-to-day work and our products an example of net-zero emissions.

  • Our efforts to calculate, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the manufacture of our towels have so far paid off. These are our achievements:

    · A 58% reduction in energy consumption per wash and dry compared to cotton towels.

    · A 55% reduction in the volume of water needed to wash them and a 40% decrease in the amount of detergent used.

    · Limiting the size of the towels by 70%, which has a direct impact on the optimisation of storage and transport processes.

    · A 76% reduction in CO2 emissions.

    While we are very proud of these figures, we strive to improve them day after day to further the circularity and eco-design of our microfibre towels and in the interest of your health and environmental values.

  • Low carbon footprint microfiber towels in Arpe Shop

Do you want to opt for an environmentally friendly towel? Then, get your Arpe microfiber towel. You will be purchasing a sustainable towel and supporting a transparent and sincere team that strives to improve every day.

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