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A Letter to Mother Earth - Earth Day 2023




Dear Mother Earth,

We are addressing this letter to you, but also to all the people living under your arms. First off, do you know why they call you “mother”? During the history of humanity, cultures have depended on nature and the environment. On the rivers, the animals, the trees and the plants that you and only you can provide and take care of. So it is not strange that they linked the concept of “mother” to “nature.” Now, we find ourselves way past that time, knowing that we still depend on all you have to offer, without valuing it at all.

In 1970 we measured, for the first time, the day that humanity would finish all the renewable resources the Earth was able to replenish in a year. That time, we took two days away from you. In 2023, this moment is estimated to arrive on July 27, 158 days earlier than it should. 

It is clear that you are asking us to change, to help, to act. Climate change is a reality and we are more than aware of the long list of problems and consequences of our actions. So it is time to do something about it no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.

You know, Arpe is a humble family business and we cannot save the world from our small factory in Arenys de Munt. However, we do know we can make a difference and be a reference in our sector, in the textile industry. We can prove that producing and consuming locally, consciously and sustainably is possible, a reality, and the path to follow. So we will continue to work on that and prove ourselves, others, and you, that you are still our Mother Earth♡.

 With love,

Arpe Team.