• Experts in microfiber for decades, we knew right away that one of our star products had to be the towels.

    We found the best recipe of microfiber to create super absorbent and long-lasting sustainable towels. Our own Arpe towels came to life under the name of TUVAs at the beginning, designed, created and manufactured in-house.

    Over the years, we never stopped making towels, but we did lose focus on our TUVAs. Until now. We couldn’t give up on our identity and values, and our sustainable microfiber towels were the true reflection of that. So we got together as a team and decided to reinvent our masterpieces and present, to the world, new Arpe towels. 

Our towels are manufactured with the softest microfiber made from post-consumer rPET bottles.

The fabric is carefully chosen to make them more resistant, absorbent, quick-drying and hygienic than traditional towels, taking care of the planet like no other. Yes, that’s right! Microfiber can be super soft, super absorbent and super sustainable! In fact, using synthetic and recycled fabrics is a choice. This way, we avoid producing new resources and natural fibers that need fields to grow. There's already too much waste in the world to be creating more instead of reusing it.

  • The way our towels are manufactured lowers their impact on the planet.

    · Made with microfiber yarn from recycled plastic bottles.
    · Digitally printed with OEKO-TEX certified inks.
    · Monomaterial, recycled and recyclable all together once they can no longer be used.
    · Produced in-house, by our own team, in our factory in Arenys de Munt ran by solar panels.

    Our certificates 
  • We measured our towel's carbon footprint and compared it to a traditional towel of the same size. Our towels...

    · Reduce their CO2 emissions by 76%
    · Save 58% in energy use
    · Save 55% in water use
    · Use 40% less soap
    · Take up 70% less volume

    Life Cycle Analysis 
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