• Made in Arpe.

    We don’t seek or follow trends, but we create products that have a reason to be in the world.  We want to convey a message and promote a lifestyle, and this begins and ends with design. It is intrinsic to all our processes and our way of doing things. We don’t only design so that it “looks good,” but so that it is “meaningful and conscious.” 

We eco-design

We think about the type, the quantity, the size, the shape and the time that each piece takes and uses, so that it is the most sustainable and optimal. We design consciously because we need to consume consciously. The process each product goes through must have the least impact on the planet, from its ideation to its end. This is why we design products that are useful, timeless and long-lasting. They have to benefit the client as well as the planet we live in. 

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