• Sustainability is environmental, social and economic.

    At Arpe, we know that the only way doing is doing it consciously. Sustainability 360 cannot be a short-term or long-term future, but a real present. The way we create, produce, buy and consume nowadays is unsustainable for our planet. If we don’t change it now, we will not get to see this future that we all talk about.

Sustainability has to be in everybody’s DNA.

Sustainability is our DNA. We are committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the environment's care and inclusive economic growth. We eco-design, we produce with post-consumer r-PET fabrics, we seek durability in our products and we make sure that these can be recycled once they can no longer be used. The impact of our actions matter, because there is no other planet. Thus, each of our products is eco-designed under the circular economy criteria and guarantees environmental, social and economic well-being. Because sustainability is, and has to be, in all of these areas. 

Our certificates
  • At Arpe, we tell you the whole story.

    · We have an ISO14001 certified environmental management system.
    · We produce with 100% renewable energy thanks to the solar panels installed in our factory.
    · We use microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles.
    · We create towels that save 58% in energy, 55% in water and 40% in soap when washing them.
    · We produce products that can be recycled or reused as cleaning cloths, reducing the carbon footprint by 11%, promoting the transition to a circular economy model.

    Why are synthetic materials also sustrainable? 
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