• We reduce our carbon footprint by ecodesigning
  • Reducing our environmental footprint is no longer an option but a necessity. 

    At Arpe, we are very much aware of this new reality, which is also a growing consumer demand. This is why we have made eco-designed products, such as our microfiber towels, available to customers.

    In other words, we have incorporated environmental issues in the design phase of our products to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on functionality or efficacy. 

    Indeed, we have achieved the opposite and actually improved the quality through eco-design.

  • Our microfiber towels are lighter, more absorbent and hard-wearing, and dry much faster than traditional towels.

    To achieve this, we:


    • Ensure that our microfiber towels are recycled and recyclable: they are made from polyester yarn from post-consumer recycled PET bottles, mostly mono materials to facilitate the recovery process.


    • Cut the fabric to size so as not to generate more waste with our activity; the same applies to the packaging. The less material we use in our processes, the better.
  • Our microfiber towels are recycled and recyclable
  • Ultimately, the aim is to reduce the consumption of energy and materials as much as possible, and reuse materials from the production and commercial chain to give them a second life, thus avoiding waste.

Arpe’s commitment to environmental and social justice

 At Arpe, we are very pleased to see that awareness of the importance of protecting the natural environment is growing. Our team is firmly convinced that we can and should do a lot more to promote sustainability.

This is why all our activities are based on ecological principles.

  • We don’t just eco-design sustainable microfibre towels, we work on every stage of the value chain: from zero waste bags, tote bags… through to the sourcing of the raw materials used in the packaging.

    Not surprisingly, we are members of the UN Global Compact, which promotes corporate awareness and action in order to achieve the SDGs.

    All our activities and actions are therefore aligned with these goals. We work with a production system based on environmental management and quality control certification. 

    Would you like to learn more about our commitment? Then, take a look at our certificates. Don’t wait any longer, choose environmentally friendly, zero-kilometre and artisanal products!

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