• Super absorbent and lightweight microfiber sport towels
  • How can we be so sure that our towel is the best one for you? Quite simply because it’s not just any microfiber sports towel; it has three features that make it unique:

    • It’s super absorbent. A microfiber sports towel from our BASIC collection can absorb three times its weight, less moisture and dries five times faster than traditional towels.

    • It’s hard-wearing. Of high quality, it maintains its properties even after multiple uses, washes and dries, whether tumble- or air-dried.

    • It’s very light and compact. It can be folded easily and fits anywhere. It takes up 70% less space than a traditional towel.

      What’s not to love? Dry yourself with it as often as you like. Wash it at the end of the day and it’ll be dry and ready for use the next day.
  • What are your gym bag essentials? Water to keep you hydrated and a microfiber sports towel. Did we get it right? You can get by without everything else except these two essential items.

    However, if you like to shower before returning home or enjoy the benefits of using a sauna after exercise, you will need at least two microfiber sports towels: one for use during your workout and a second for relaxing in the sauna and showering.

  • Your gym essentials with Arpe Shop
  • The good news is that all the towels in Arpe’s Basic Collection come in three sizes depending on what you need them for: 

    • 32 x 49cm Face Towel: a microfiber sports towel designed for use while exercising.

    • 50 x 95cm Hand Towel: for added convenience in the changing room. Ideal for drying or turban-wrapping your hair.

    • 75 x 155cm Bath Towel: for showering in less time. Arpe’s microfiber sports towel will have you dry in seconds.


    But what about you? What microfiber sports towel will you need this year?

  • Sustainable microfiber sport towels at Arpe Shop
  • Arpe’s microfiber sports towels are more environmentally friendly than traditional towels.

    To start with, they are made of soft microfiber from GRS-certified post-consumer recycled PET bottles. And what’s more, they are OEKO-TEX® Eco Passport certified and Standard 100 Compliant. In other words, the products and colourants used in manufacturing are not harmful to human health.

    In short, Arpe’s microfiber sports towels are ideal for sports. But also for taking care of yourself and the environment.

    So, whether your happy place is the gym, fitness centre or outdoor sports, Arpe’s microfiber sports towel is the most comfortable, hard-wearing and long-lasting option for you. Oh, and sustainable too.

    Visit our online store and get your microfiber sports towel in the size and colour of your choice.

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