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If you swim regularly, this pool towel is a must

If you also go swimming every week, you know how important it is to choose the right towel for the pool. Few other accessories are as important as this one when it comes to making life easier after a workout or swim. 

It doesn’t matter whether you train in the water several hours a day, as a hobby or because you’ve just discovered the benefits of swimming, the towels in Arpe’s Basic and Horizon collections are perfect sports towels for the pool.

Arpe’s pool towels are up to the task and we’ll tell you why 

There are three good reasons why Arpe’s towels are perfect for taking to the pool:

Because Arpe’s Basic and Horizon pool towels are convenient

Most people who go to the pool do so before or after work. This means having to lug your sports bag with everything you need around all day. So, a lightweight pool towel makes a difference. A big one. 

Light and compact so it takes up hardly any space. Let’s not forget that in addition to the pool towel, you also have to take your swimsuit, goggles, flip-flops, personal hygiene products and, very often, a hairdryer.

But how do they achieve such a light and compact design? The Arpe team uses fine microfibres in the composition of its sports towels.

Indeed, a cotton pool towel doesn’t solve our space and weight problem, but a microfibre one does.

The perfect swim towel: lightweight and quickdrying

Because Arpe’s swim towels are super absorbent

This is another thing we regular swimmers insist on. That the chosen pool towel is the most absorbent one on the market. 

The towel has to fulfil two purposes: on the one hand, it must dry you completely with just one wipe and, on the other, it must save you time

Arpe’s microfibre sports towels absorb more water than cotton towels and they do so much faster.

This advantage makes Arpe’s pool towels an essential accessory for your exercise routine.  

Because the pool towels dry quickly

And here’s the other big advantage: Arpe’s pool towels are quick-drying, which means that:

  • The towel is much lighter than a conventional one after use.
  • Water does not build up in your sports bag for hours (which prevents odours and the growth of mould and bacteria inside the bag).
  • It will be dry and ready for use again the next day because, even when washed in the washing machine, it dries completely overnight.
The most sustainable microfiber towels in the market at Arpe Shop

 And there are plenty more advantages to using the towels in the Basic and Horizon collections. For instance, they’re eco-designed and sustainably produced and have a much smaller carbon footprint than cotton towels. These three reasons are enough to convince you that Arpe’s towels are the ones you’ve been looking for, right?