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Eco friendly yoga mat for environmentally aware fitness enthusiasts

Eco friendly yoga mat: if thanks to yoga you can connect body and mind, connect now with nature by using a sustainable mat.

At Arpe, we’ve designed the perfect eco yoga mat for doing yoga: comfortable, non-slip and sustainable.

  • It’s comfortable because the eco friendly yoga mat has just the right thickness and density to adopt any posture comfortably. 

  • It’s non-slip because it prevents falls and skids, regardless of what textile your clothing is made of or if your hands and feet are sweaty. 


Non-slip sustainable and eco yoga mat for fitness enthusiasts


Our eco friendly yoga mat is yet another circular-economy and zero-waste product that is so characteristic of our brand. If our mat helps you to maintain a balance with nature while getting the most out of your yoga practice, we’ll have achieved what we set out to do.


The eco friendly yoga mat adapts to you and your lifestyle

The more you use your eco friendly yoga mat, the more it adapts to you. Durable, light and hard-wearing, this essential accessory for doing yoga at home will become your greatest ally. 

Designed to provide optimum comfort, Arpe’s mat will be an indispensable companion on your journey towards well-being and connection. Whatever your choice of workout – yoga, pilates, stretching… our eco friendly yoga mat is designed to meet your needs.

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Long live yoga!

Ecofriendly yoga mat super comfortable and high grip