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Large microfiber towels, much more packed into every towel!

Our team strives to achieve higher quality in every towel, which is why our towels are available in all sizes. Today, we present our most popular towel: the large microfiber towel. 

Manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, they measure 90x166 cm, are light, and have an excellent absorption capacity. Our large microfiber towels provide a unique experience and you’ll want to take them everywhere with you.


These holidays, travel with your large microfiber towel

We know how traditional cotton towels can weigh down your suitcase and how hard it is to dry yourself with a small towel. Therefore, our large microfiber towels are designed to be used anytime and anywhere.

They’re the perfect size for the beach, pool or camping. And because of their design and composition, you can pop them into the pocket of your rucksack or your tote bag and they take up very little space. Regardless of the size, our large microfiber towels are so light, you’ll be able to take them from place to place effortlessly.

We’re pleased to present the different colours available in our Calm and Basic collections:

  • Steel Blue: tranquil and serene
  • Olive Green: natural and fresh
  • Sand Cream: calm and sophisticated
  • Chestnut Brown: cheerful and lively
  • Charcoal Gray: neutral and modern

Enjoy a collection of large microfiber towels that are super absorbent, hard-wearing and designed to be both practical and indulgent.


 Calm & Basic Collection 

Microfiber towels to reduce your carbon footprint

What’s more, all of Arpe’s collections are designed to consume much less energy during use than a conventional cotton towel: 58% less energy in the wash cycle, 55% less water and 40% less detergent

Reduce your ecological footprint with something as simple and basic as a microfiber towel from our collection.