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Arpe’s Mesh & Zero Waste Bags: Original Bags For The Environmentally Conscious

Because the future lies in a circular economy with virtually zero waste, Arpe has launched its new Mesh & Zero Waste Bags, with highly original designs to encourage responsible consumption.

Recycled and recyclable mesh bags: towards zero waste

Our Mesh Bags are made from post-consumer recycled PET fabric, which means they’re made with 100% recycled and recyclable polyester. 

By choosing recycled materials, we avoid the extraction and processing of new natural fibres, such as cotton, and we reduce our carbon footprint, thus helping to build a less wasteful future.


Sustainable and recycled mesh bag for your daily life



Sustainable, without compromising on design, that’s our mesh bag

At Arpe, we don’t believe you have to sacrifice design for sustainability. As a result, our mesh bags are attractive, extremely practical, original and suitable for a variety of uses.

You can wear it as a tote bag, use it to hold your pool, beach or gym towel, and to carry food, like fresh fruit and vegetables, from your go-to greengrocer’s to your kitchen.

Our mesh bags and packs are available in the following formats:

  • Mesh Bag measuring 38 x 60 cm in beautiful pastel colours: blue, cream, olive green, chestnut brown and charcoal grey. Packed in a small matching G-bag.

  • Pack containing two Zero Waste Bags, which includes a large (29 x 36 cm) mesh bag and a smaller one (17 x 24 cm), both handmade, available in five different colours, and featuring a convenient drawstring closing so you won’t lose anything.

  • ZWB twin pack, containing two 17 x 24 cm bags, with a drawstring closing and in a variety of gradient colours: pink and grey, ochre and taupe, terracotta and blue.


Versatile mesh bags for bulk shopping or casual dressing


If you’re looking for a sturdy and long-lasting alternative to single-use plastics for your shopping, gym kit, or other leisure pursuits, look no further than our collection of recycled and recyclable mesh bags.