Presenting the Eco Mat Yoga you’ve been waiting for

  • If you’re not prepared to settle for just any product, you’re going to love our eco mat yoga.


    We have created a must-have accessory for your yoga and meditation classes, with your environmental values in mind. And, of course, your comfort!

The Eco Mat Yoga ideal for your weekly classes and workouts

Enhance your experience with our eco-friendly yoga mat

Our Eco Mat Yoga is sustainable and ideal for your weekly classes and workouts. Made from more than 90% recycled EVA material, it provides optimum grip when doing yoga. It is also comfortable, thanks to its excellent cushioning properties.


With the Eco Mat Yoga and its gripping power, you will achieve an optimal state of relaxation, as it allows you to adopt the desired posture with ease, enhancing your experience. Because of its non-slip properties, it gives you the feeling of security you need when doing continuous or high-precision movements.


Another great advantage is that it is very light, so that you can carry and handle it easily.

  • Why do we say it is kind to the environment? Because our Yoga Mat, the Eco Mat Yoga, available on our website, is made from leftover waste from the production of other yoga mats. In other words, our Eco Mat Yoga is a circular economy product intended to recycle and reuse materials that already exist and generate zero waste.

    Arpe has been verified by Real Sustainable Fashion as a brand that will lead the change towards a (real) sustainable fashion industry and we are very proud to have been able to place an eco-friendly yoga mat of these characteristics on the market. Also of the fact that by using it, you too are contributing to this manufacturing model.

  • Zero waste and circular economy project of our Eco Mat Yoga at Arpe Shop

With the eco mat yoga, you will not only be able to relax and connect with your inner self, you will also be fulfilling your, and indeed our, commitment to the environment.

  • Optimal grip for our Eco Mat Yoga at Arpe Shop
  • If our eco mat yoga is exactly what you’re looking for, get yours quickly while stocks last, because our Eco Mat Yoga is a temporary product! It is only available when there is enough waste to produce a new product batch.


    Purchase our Eco Mat Yoga from our secure online store and have it delivered to your home. Have we run out of stock? Contact us and we will let you know as soon as new units go on sale.

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