• Which towel to take to the gym? This is a difficult question... and no, we’re not exaggerating. If you think we are, it’s because you haven’t yet started your autumn resolution. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution.

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  • Deciding what towel to take to the gym entails a number of decisions. 

    If you are planning your back to the gym and you don’t have much time to think about what towel to take, you might end up taking the typical 100% cotton one, the kind we all have at home. But be warned: it isn’t practical!

    The typical towels people used to take to the gym, in the absence of alternatives such as microfiber, become really heavy after use and don't help lighten your sports bag or make the most of the space. So, what are my options now when deciding what towel to take to the gym?

  • With microfibre, you can wave goodbye to the dilemma of which towel to take to the gym.

    This type of towel dries you more and better. Because of its fine fibres, it attracts and absorbs water much faster than cotton towels and, what’s more, it’s much smaller and takes up very little space.

    So, in response to the question "which towel to take to the gym..." The answer is obvious: microfibre, for its convenience, absorbency and hygiene. And if we take into account the ease with which microfibre releases moisture, which prevents the growth of mould and bacteria on the fabric, it gets to the top of the which towel to take to the gym ranking.

    What’s more, because it is quick-drying, if you wash it today, it’ll be dry by tomorrow without having to use the dryer or iron. So, are you clear now about which towel to take to the gym?

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Don’t think twice about which towel to take to the gym for training!

But do be aware that there are many types of microfiber towels and that they don’t all yield the same results. At Arpe, we can help you choose the right one, as we have designed and manufactured the perfect type of towel to make your life at the gym easier.

 We created super absorbent microfiber towels. Light as a feather, thin and compact, but with a drying power that you won’t find in conventional microfibre towels. In fact, our towel can absorb three times its weight, getting less wet and drying five times faster than traditional towels.

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  • Arpe Shop's sizes of microfiber gym towels to take to your fitness classes
  • We’ve saved the best features of our Basic Collection until last. For many of you, these will be decisive when choosing a towel for the gym and starting your new exercise routine.

    The towels in the collection come in three sizes. If you’re planning to use it every day at the gym, we recommend the Face Towel model, 32x49cm, for combating sweat in the fitness room or in group classes, and the Bath Towel, 75x155cm, for the shower.


    In addition, the Basic Collection comes in a carefully selected range of colours, which will make it difficult to choose just one.

    Now that you know the answer, get your microfibre towel and rock your sporty look this season from just €9.50!

    Our Basic Collection 
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